How to Keep a Check on Tooth Sensitivity?

How can you find out whether you have a sensitive tooth? What are the symptoms associated with tooth sensitivity? Can we cure it, permanently? Answers to all these queries can be found in the following paragraphs. In the process, I will also try to dispel some myths that are commonly associated with this paradigm. Consider something when this medical condition is taken into account – it can disappear on its own (without resorting to any form of medications) if the tooth is given ample time to do so.Tooth Sensitivity Tension headache 1

There is no definite cause for tooth sensitivity. Dentists are noted to hold varying opinions when it comes to sensitive tooth. Some think that the condition is induced by improper food habits, while the rest considers that unhygienic tooth will lead to the same. Certain people experienced the condition only during the cold and hence, climate was then included into the already long list of causes. Regardless of the causes, I can promise you something (make that two)! The condition is going to take its toll on your general well-being, and it can be eliminated very easily.

If you think that you have tooth sensitivity, it is better to contact a dentist at the earliest and confirm the situation. Then it is wiser to follow the remedial measures listed by the same dentist. I will save you the trouble and will highlight certain strategies that can be incorporated to combat sensitive teeth. Do you know that toothpaste companies release”desensitizing toothpaste”? Well, it is time to invest in one of them – head to the nearest grocery store or supermarket and find one.

Alternatively, you can purchase some fluoride-based toothpaste. Fluorine is noted to act on the tooth and will eliminate those causes that result in tooth sensitivity. Almost all the toothpaste contains fluorine in adequate levels. Some people are allergic to this toothpaste. Again, it would be wiser to contact the physician and double-check the sensitivity of your body to this chemical. The third option that is presented to you is something simple – whenever possible, after taking your food, ensure to clean the teeth in an appropriate manner. A clean tooth has a lower chance of contracting the condition as revealed in many research expeditions.

According to some, it is good to brush the teeth four times in a day. If you follow that rule, it is safer to mend your brushing habits. Too much brushing will induce tooth sensitivity. The outer enamel coating will be depleted due to your consistent brushing sessions. On a similar note, it is even safer to invest on toothbrushes that come with softer bristles. The hard ones will aid in depleting the enamel (this time it will take a couple of years more for the enamel to be completely eroded). Tobacco and associated derivatives can also induce sensitivity on the teeth.

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