Teeth Whitening with Opalescence

Whiten your teeth in less than an hour!

How is Opalescence different from other whitening treatments–over-the-counter and professional?

Over-the-counter whitening treatments, such as whitening strips, can lighten teeth. But for optimal results, you want to rely on a professional treatment.

Other professional treatments also exist, but Opalescence has set many”firsts” in the industry and is the preferred choice of thousands of dentists and hygienists. One thing we often hear is, “It just works better!”

Brightening Your Smile – Your Questions Answered – FAQ

How Does the Teeth Whitening Process Work?

Whitening your teeth is a chemical process. The peroxide ingredient in the whitening agent breaks down into the molecules that move inside the tooth structure where they break down any molecules that cause discoloration. With this process, even if the entire tooth isn’t covered with the whitening gel the entire tooth will lighten. The internal tooth color is simply lightened and the structure of the tooth is not altered. The whitening agents also do not harm enamel, dentin, and current fillings and cements.

How Long Do Whitening Results Last?

The results of the whitening are very stable. However, it does also depend on your nutrition and lifestyle habits and may need to be repeated. Due to the safety of the whitening agents, repeated treatments should not cause any concerns.

Will Whitening Cause Tooth Sensitivity?

One of the most common side effects of whitening is sensitivity. The sensitivity is only temporary and should disappear after the whitening is completed. We do ask that you contact us if you do have lingering sensitivity, so we can discuss desensitizing treatments.

Will whitening weaken my teeth?

No! Whitening will not weaken your teeth. Opalescence whitening gel includes PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride). Potassium nitrate has been shows to help reduce sensitivity. Fluoride has been shows to help reduce caries and strengthen enamel. Together they help to improve the overall health of the teeth.

After the in-office Opalescence visit, here’s what you do…